What is a relaxing massage?

The relaxing massage can be partial or complete and depends on the time of the massage. In shorter massages, it will be a more localized massage. It is usually a painless massage, with techniques aimed at relieving the muscles and draining.

The ideal is a 90-minute massage, but in the 60-minute one we can also work the whole body. In this massage the back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, feet, abdomen and head are worked. It is true that it depends on what the client is looking for and depends on its status, some areas can be omitted, to insist on others that are more loaded.

We also manage to drain, especially the legs and feet, favoring the stimulation of rest, toning and relieving tension in the lower extremities in a very natural way, using Chinese relaxation techniques.

It must be clarified that this massage does not have any erotic component of any kind.

The relaxing massage is done with oil and you can add an essence that affects more relaxation, such as lavender essential oil.

At Templo del Masaje, we use a combination of techniques to give a personalized massage, where we combine long and deep movements of the Polynesian massages, pressures and stretches inspired by the Lomi Lomi massage. Also in the part of the face and head we work the reflex zones of traditional Chinese medicine.

With this massage we will be able to eliminate certain aches and pains, improve the skin, free the mind, drain fluids and toxins and relieve muscle tension.