Professionals in different areas for complete and continuing training, as well as supervision sessions

At Templo del Masaje we offer you the possibility of training in the technique and art of Massage, as well as improvement in aesthetics. We put at your disposal, our facilities and all our experience.


At the Massage Learning Center of Templo del Masaje in Madrid, We train through practicing, high-performance multi-level learning programs. You will learn the most useful massage techniques from the hands of the TOP masseurs on the national and international scene.

Our massage courses are designed by and for you. In them you will learn all the techniques and knowledge to be able to perform a massage at a more than acceptable level in a short time.

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience, but we assure you that you will leave knowing how to give a massage in conditions.

We have courses of various techniques: from initiation courses to massage, to shiatsu and foot reflexology.

We can organize personalized courses on request as long as there is a minimum group of students. Ask us for + info. 

The dynamism of our method, in continuous change and development, allows us to be attentive to the specific needs of each student in order to personalize their massage training and offer them exactly what they expect from their course.

We focus on the student feeling what a good massage is, not just repeating steps without further ado.  

Our courses are not made for students to dedicate themselves professionally to massage, but they are courses in which you discover if you like it and if you want to continue training. Through our teaching methods, we are going to make the student understand what massage is in essence, so that they have criteria and sufficient basis to decide whether to apply it in the family environment or continue training for professional dedication.

Our learning center is not going to sell you courses with endless hours and theory that you are not going to take advantage of. We will show you the way and you decide whether to follow it.

During the courses, students will give and receive all massage techniques. Feeling is essential to be able to perform the maneuvers correctly.

All programs are designed and directed by Maribel Corpa and her team of masseurs. At the end of the course, we will give you a certificate that accredits your training with us.

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This is a mostly practical course, which is aimed at anyone who wants to get started in this Manual Technique. The main objective of this course is to provide the student with knowledge and techniques of application of the general Chiromassage, in an eminently practical way, either as a basis for a subsequent professional training of Chiromassage or as another tool within the culture of health and quality of life.

This course will have as its main content the approach to touch and massage. You will mainly see the massage of the back, legs and feet and the head.




This is a course, mostly practical, that is aimed at any couple who wants to start in this Manual Technique.

In this course you have to come accompanied by your partner, a family member or friend. We will learn the basic massage techniques to be able to work tensions of the back, shoulders, neck. We will also learn foot massage and craniofacial.

We will learn to use the postures that we must adopt so as not to harm ourselves, as well as the preparation of the room and an optimal environment to take advantage of the massage.

To carry out the course it is required to wear comfortable clothes, and short nails.




The Kobido Massage is a facial massage that through different maneuvers causes a Facial Rejuvenation Lifting Effect that is noticeable immediately.

The Kobido course is a mostly practical course and in groups of maximum 6 students. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge, and in the course we will give the necessary knowledge to perform all the maneuvers of a complete Kobido facial massage.

It is a course that helps massage and aesthetic professionals to expand their knowledge, but it is also ideal to help family members and close people. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of massage.




This is a course, mostly practical, that is aimed at anyone who wants to get started in this Manual Technique.
In this course we will learn the importance of the foot and its connection with the body.
The indications and contraindications of this massage will be clarified.
With the help of some pictures we will learn to locate the reflex areas in a meticulous way.
And in practice, adequate techniques will be taught to perform a complete massage going through all the systems, highlighting the importance of each one of them.
To carry out this course it is required to bring short nails to be able to perform the maneuvers properly.



We will see in a practical way the maneuvers and the scope of manual lymphatic drainage. The goal of this massage is the manual activation of the interstitial fluid and lymph through your lymphatic channels. For this we will give the theoretical bases of anatomy and physiology to be able to perform this technique safely and effectively.

Applications for both pre and post surgeries, fluid retention problems and others will be seen.

The lymphatic drainage course is a mostly practical course in small groups. It is a course that helps massage and aesthetic professionals to expand their knowledge. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of massage, but a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology is recommended.



In the Facial Lifting with Acupuncture course you will learn the most effective techniques of oriental aesthetics applied to the beauty, aesthetics and health of the skin.

It is a practical course that includes material to carry out the course and to continue with the practice of this technique.

In addition, tricks used by our professionals will be taught to achieve better results.

No prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine is required to complete the course.



This is a course, mostly practical, that is aimed at anyone who wants to get started in this Manual Technique. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of massage.
Shiatsu is an oriental technique performed on a futon with pressure and stretching maneuvers.
We will learn to massage the body on the floor and the postures that we must adopt so as not to harm ourselves.

The basic notions of the route of the main energy channels (according to Traditional Oriental Medicine) and the appropriate techniques to act in each of them will be given.
We will start in the theory of the 5 elements to be able to act on the different organs.

To carry out the course it is required to wear comfortable, elastic clothing with as few zippers or buttons as possible. Long pants, long-sleeved shirt and warm socks.



In this course we will learn to know and develop the attitude, as well as the necessary tools, for the practice of meditation.

Based on meditation techniques from Yoga, mindfulness and Zen meditation, we will enter meditative practice with a clear, simple and practical approach. In the dynamics of the class, through our own experience, we will learn how to reach a state of relaxation and minimal meditation in order to develop meditative practice appropriately.

Who is it for? The course is designed for people who are not initiated in the practice of meditation or who have difficulty relaxing and / or meditating.

• What is meditation?
• The states of consciousness
• Practical meditation techniques
• Meditation exercises
• Dynamics to facilitate relaxation and meditation

Benefits of meditation:
Meditation has multiple benefits, among them, on a physical level, it regulates the body (blood pressure, serotonin levels, immune system, …). On a mental level, it takes the mental waves to the alpha state, refreshing and renewing the mind and also enhancing personal development, which improves our quality of life.

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Maribel Corpa

Diploma in chiromassage, shiatsu, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, metamorphic technique, bach flowers, applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Master in Scientific Aesthetics.

masaje tailandes madrid

Cristina Ortiz

Diploma in occupational therapy, facial acupuncturist, master in scientific aesthetics, specialist in shiatsu, chiromassage, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, Thai, kobido, metamorphic technique, bach flowers, kinesiology coaching and enneagram.
Former elite athlete.

masaje tailandes madrid

Javier García

An engineer by training and profession, he has dedicated more than 15 years to the study and practice of disciplines and philosophies for personal and spiritual development, such as the practice of meditation and yoga, from different approaches and methodologies.

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El curso fue de 10!!
En mi empresa se busca siempre la Excelencia y nunca la habia visto hasta que mi novia y yo conocimos a maribel.
Es simpática, profesional, con buen trato,... Hizo que aprendiéramos disfrutando. Creo una atmosfera de confianza y profesionalidad perfecta.
Quedamos tan contentos, que estamos deseando que nos duela la espalda para ponernos en sus manos. Ya no en un curso, sino en una sesión de masaje.
Curso 100% recomendable y asi se lo voy a hacer saber a mis conocidos y en el blog de templo del masaje.
Mucha suerte con los cursos.


Un curso eminéntemente práctico, con dos o tres personas por camilla.
Profesora muy profesional y atenta a nuestras dudas.
Curso muy recomendable para alguien que quiera iniciarse.


El curso de iniciacion al masaje del pasado fin de semana en el centro de Pozuelo fue genial. Además que fuera totalmente práctico fue lo que más me gustó. Comentamos entre los alumnos que hubiera estado bien que durara unos dias más porque la verdad hay "infinidad de técnicas de masaje", asi que si haceis un curso de iniciación al masaje II parte, me apuntaría.


Hice el curso ‘iniciación al masaje’ en octubre y fue una experiencia muy positiva con unas profesoras de primera y una organización perfecta. Aprendí mucho sobre los masajes, el cuerpo humano, y también, algo que no había esperado, aprendí mucho sobre mi persona también.


Recomiendo este curso a quien desee comenzar a practicar masaje , Maribel es encantadora lo explica y enseña para que podamos entenderlo y practicarlo de una manera sencilla.
Repetiría el curso sin dudarlo .
Me he encontrado muy cómoda y agradezco mucho todas las atenciones recibidas.
Un cordial saludo y muy especialmente a Maribel.


El curso ha cumplido todas mis expectativas, ha sido muy instructivo y totalmente práctico; Maribel y María, fantásticas, muy didácticas y muy implicadas con cada uno de nosotros, supieron crear un buen ambiente de grupo. Estoy muy contento de haber hecho el curso y con ganas de ampliarlo.


Lo que más me ha gustado, es que he aprendido las bases de meditación, cosa que en otro curso que hice, no conseguí, nada mas que estresarme .


Ya hice el curso hace meses, pero no quiero perder la oportunidad para agradeceros esta iniciativa, todos debieramos aprender algo de estas técnicas para nuestra salud. Un 10 para vuestros profesionales, Cristina, Virginia, María (Pozuelo) quien impartió el curso, etc.


Buenas tardes. Este fin de semana participé en el curso de iniciación al masaje. La verdad es que he salido encantado. Ha sido muy útil y la profe una joya como profesional y como persona. Me ha gustado especialmente su aspecto eminentemente práctico y el número reducido de alumnos que permite aprender más y mejor. Si hubiera que poner un pero sería la habitación algo reducida para cinco personas, Estaría interesado en asistir a otro curso relacionado con los masajes de superior nivel. Asistiría seguro, apuntarme ya. En definitiva un diez. Muchas gracias y hasta pronto.


El curso para mi ha sido de 10. Se han cumplido ampliamente mis expectativas, la formadora es fantástica a nivel profesional y personal. Estoy deseando poner en práctica todo lo que hemos aprendido para poder hacer más cosas con vosotros.


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