atm fisioterapia

TMJ (temporomandibular joint / jaw) treatment is a specialised massage that focuses on the muscles that work the jaw, with the aim of releasing tension, increasing range of motion and eliminating pain associated with clenching or grinding (dizziness, headache, neck pain, bruxism).

Physiotherapy TMJ Bruxism


Osteopathy is a manual treatment, which takes the body as a whole, in which all the systems (muscular, articular, nervous, visceral) are related and its aim is to rebalance and normalise the affected structures, through the application of manual techniques.

The techniques of choice vary according to the tissues affected, but all of them aim to help the body to self-regulate, to normalise the structures that are dysfunctional, so that we can speak of structural, cranial or visceral osteopathy.


induccion miofascial

It is a therapy directed to the fasciae of the body and indirectly to the rest of the locomotor system and also to the rest of the structures and viscera.
Myofascial techniques aim to eliminate local physical restrictions, in the case of superficial techniques, and the release of collagenous components, which will be achieved with deep techniques. The patient will perceive this as gentle pressure from the hands of the physiotherapist.

Myofascial induction

fisioterapia deportiva

Treatment of both acute and chronic sports injuries. Rehabilitation includes step-by-step exercises that help the injured area to return to normal. Rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible, starting with a series of gentle movements of the injured area and followed by stretching. Massage will help to relieve pain.
Ideal for tendinitis, sprains and contractures.

Sports physiotherapy

vendaje neuromuscular

One of the main differences with traditional bandages is that neuromuscular bandaging or kinesiotaping does not prevent movement in an attempt to eliminate musculoskeletal pain. It consists of elastic tapes of adhesive tape that are applied to the affected area in such a way as to allow movement and, therefore, muscular improvement while respecting biomechanics.

These bandages support the muscles, thus providing stability, both muscular and articular, and help to improve the contraction of the weakened or injured muscle. Another function of neuromuscular taping is that it helps reduce inflammation and improves circulation.

Neuromuscular taping

fisioterapia deportiva

Post-surgical rehabilitation, whether for fractures, prosthetic interventions, degenerative diseases or an accident. Injuries affecting muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones often require physical rehabilitation to restore strength and balance in the relationship between the components.


drenaje linfatico manual

Manual lymphatic drainage is a very gentle massage that consists of mobilising the fluid and circulation retained for various reasons such as retention, varicose veins and heavy legs, postoperative periods, pregnancy, etc.

You will notice how the fluid disappears with the manoeuvres and you will get immediate relief.

Promotes healing of fractures, torn ligaments, sprains and reduces pain. Accelerates healing after cosmetic surgery.
Relieves fluid congestion: swollen ankles, puffy eyes and tired, swollen legs due to pregnancy.

Manual lymphatic drainage

movilizacion neuromeningea

Treatment for nerve entrapment such as sciatica, carpal tunnel or cervicobrachialgia. Neuropathic pain starts from damage or disease and affects the nervous system. It may be associated with pain sensations produced by normally non-painful stimuli. The pain may be continuous or episodic. They resemble an electric shock, or burning or coldness, “pins and needles” sensations, numbness and itching.

Neuromeningeal mobilisation

masaje terapeutico

The therapeutic massage is indicated to relieve muscle contractions, pain, lack of elasticity and mobility. It is a strong and energetic massage.

At the beginning of the massage, the masseur assesses the musculature (contractures, tension).

Depending on the type of therapy the patient needs, it will be carried out in one way or another.

Therapeutic massage