Regarding the selection process we are pretty demanding… After all, we have a reputation and want to maintain standards in all of our centers, regardless of position or location.

We prefer to refuse work for lack of personnel rather than choosing unsuitable people. Our employees have to be brilliant with our customers, passionate about aesthetics and wellness, and quick to learn our techniques and ways of working. They must want to do their best in all circumstances.

If you feel identified with our philosophy, we want you on our team.

If you don’t see a vacancy that fits your profile, send us the cv anyway.


favorite_border Beautician / Masseuse for the centres of Barrio del Pilar, Princesa and Goya for 30 hours/week or weekends.

favorite_border Fisioterapeuta para el centro de Barrio del Pilar con alto conocimiento de masaje.

If you want to work with us, please fill in the form.

Please note the following:

  • The CVs must have both start and end dates in both studies and work experience.
  • We take for granted that you don’t have a different availability than the one you specify (unless you choose “any”).
  • We do not consider candidates who do not attach their CV.

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