masaje descontracturante

Deep tissue massage is indicated to alleviate muscular contractures, pain, lack of elasticity and mobility. It is a strong and energetic massage.

At the beginning of the massage, the masseur assesses the musculature (contractures, tension).

It is characterised by moderate movements, analgesic effects, stimulating circulation, preventing muscle fatigue and realigning muscle fibres among other things.

Deep Tissue Massage

abyangha madrid

The relaxing massage is a technique on a stretcher and with oil recommended for states of great mental activity or stress. This massage promotes sleep and relieves tension.

This massage adapts in intensity and pressure to what each person needs at any given moment.

Ideal in combination with aromatherapy.

Relaxing Massage

Masaje deportivo

Sports massage is indicated for people who frequently do sporting activities and need an energetic massage, which activates the muscles and, depending on the case, even helps to heal injuries and their better recovery.

It is indicated to alleviate muscular contractures, pain, lack of elasticity and mobility, etc.This is a strong and energetic massage.

It is done both pre- and post-activity. In any case, avoiding muscle spasms, tears, muscle injuries, achieving relaxation and eliminating toxins are its main objectives. In addition, it contributes to better muscular recovery after physical effort to achieve greater performance.

Sports Massage

masaje en pareja

Couple massages are ideal to give or to surprise to whoever you want. They are massages that are carried out simultaneously in the same room, with a masseuse for each person.

Many couples choose this massage to enjoy the experience together. It is recommended, however, that each partner enjoys their own experience in silence.

Everyone can choose the type of massage they prefer.

Couples Massage

masaje para embarazadas

Massaging a pregnant woman should be done in a comfortable position in which the baby is not harmed. This can be done on the back or on the side. To avoid tightness in the tummy while lying down, it is good to use cushions and to keep the knees bent.

In these cases, the feet and legs will be worked on to alleviate the additional load they have to bear, as well as to eliminate fluid retention that frequently appears in these areas.

It should be noted that during pregnancy a woman’s shoulders develop, and this often causes a feeling of heaviness, so it is important to massage the shoulders and neck gently to relieve tension.

The back massage will be done in a global way helping the musculature to relax and to better adapt to its new shape during this state.

Pregnancy Massage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle massage that consists of mobilizing the fluids and blood flow retained by different causes such as retention, varicose veins and heavy legs , pos toperative recovery , pregnancy, etc.

You’ll notice how fluids disappear with this technique and you’ll get immediate relief.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

masaje anticelulitico

Cellulite is caused by an alteration of the adipocytes that are part of the hypodermis. The hormonal factor is determinant in a woman to suffer cellulite. When oestrogen secretion increases during menstruation and pregnancy, fluid retention is favoured. Anti-cellulite massages must be carried out frequently, accompanied by suitable creams, combined with diet and exercise to be effective.

These massages also help restore skin elasticity by activating blood supply and oxygenating tissues.

Remember that we can give you a free, no-obligation diagnosis whenever you want. Make an appointment!

Anti-Cellulite Massage

drenaje linfático

This massage is indicated for people with poor blood flow, which needs to be increased.

It consists of manoeuvres to stimulate blood circulation and help the lymphatic system.

Recommended for cases of retention, varicose veins and heavy legs, postoperative recovery, pregnancy, etc.

You will notice immediate relief.

Circulatory Massage

masaje facial

Facial massage is a technique that is used, in aesthetic terms, to prevent wrinkles, improve blood circulation and also work on face muscles.

It is used in combination – or not – with other therapies and can have interesting benefits for those who receive it. It can accelerate blood circulation in the face, re-establish the correct metabolism of the skin, increase its resistance and even improve the oxygenation of the brain.

Facial Massage


Kobido massage is a powerful facial rejuvenation treatment, bringing beauty,health and luminosity to a face tired and stressed by daily life.

This massage is of Japanese origin and was traditionally reserved for royalty. It was designed to increase health and longevity, although the emphasis was always on prevention rather than cure.

Kobido is a rich combination of modern facial methods and traditional Asian concepts. Rapid percussive movements, kneading, acupressure, tapping, meridian therapy and acupuncture points are strategically combined to create a revolutionary facial treatment.

Kobido Facial Massage


Shiatsu is a technique of oriental massage, which has existed for thousands of years, and has been used to prevent illness and strengthen health.

It works with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) points, which are linked with channels, seeking energy balance.

It is usually used as treatments with periodic sessions for limited mobility after suffering injuries, to increase muscle flexibility, for muscle and bone pain, sciatica, lumbago, etc.

A single session is also recommended for those terrible days where we are dragging all the weight of work, housework, children, and we notice that we can no longer move with agility. The result is unbeatable: a feeling of relief, as if all that weight was lifted off your shoulders.

Shiatsu Massage

reflexologia podal

Foot reflexology is the best massage to relax the feet and the whole body.

This massage technique uses the reflex points of the foot to work on and diagnose the general state of the body in all senses. It treats problems of anxiety, nervousness, chronic pain, digestive, circular, respiratory problems, etc.

Feel the pleasure of a good foot massage.

Foot Reflexology Massage

masaje tailandes

Thai massage or Thai massage is a unique body therapy that is heavily influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures. Many massage postures are reminiscent of yoga asanas. As for the finger-pressure points, they are found within the meridians of Chinese medicine or the nadis of Ayurveda.

It is very effective in both the prevention and treatment of numerous ailments: headaches, back pain, frozen shoulder, cervical pain, tennis elbow, lumbago, etc.

It is a tremendously stimulating and unblocking massage. No doubt there will be a before and after in your life when you try it.

Thai Massage

masaje ayurveda madrid

In a way, massage is an extension of the sense of touch, but in a precise and conscious way. Since ancient times, human beings have used this type of touch with the aim of helping those who receive it.

Ayurveda Massage must be considered a part of an integrative medicine system, which intervenes in the body-mind-spirit balance, in a joint and unitary way. It is a holistic science, based on principles that study the human being as an organised whole and not as a sum of parts.

It uses oils in a very relaxing way, both for the body and the mind. The skin is known to be the most responsible for hormone production, and this treatment heavily improves balance of the metabolic control system.

Ayurveda Ritual


Wood Therapy is a massage carried out with the help of several wooden instruments specially designed to achieve results at the body and facial level that are difficult to achieve only with massage.

Each of the instruments used for the treatment of cellulite stimulates different layers of adiposity in the skin and thus eliminates adipocytes and consequently the classic “orange peel skin” disappears. The results are visible from the first application, even if it is applied on people with fluid retention, since it will help drainage

Massage with wood therapy

tecnica metamorfica

With Metamorphic Massage we manage to return to that space and time inside our mother’s womb, where our mental, physical, emotional and behavioral structures began to establish themselves through a gentle touch in the form of caresses on feet, hands and head.

With the metamorphic technique we have the opportunity to return to that moment to release old patterns that are still present, conditioning our lives (physical pain, emotional, repetitive behaviors, etc.).

This therapy also called “Metamorphosis” indicates a change in our being, it is a simple and transforming way to reconnect with the months of gestation lived in our mother’s womb, with our life purpose, with what we think, feel and where we should follow our steps.

Metamorphic Massage Technique

masaje con ventosas

The millenary technique of cupping massage consists of the application of a modern system of suction cups that exert suction or aspiration on certain vital points of the human body to eliminate blockages (stagnation) of both blood and energy, these blockages depress the immune system and favor the emergence of diseases.

It is one of the best techniques to balance and increase our vital energy, restoring wellbeing and health.

Oriental Cupping Massage

fisioterapia deportiva

Together with acupuncture and phytotherapy, tuina is the backbone of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Its aim, therefore, is to prevent and restore the imbalances that occur in the Qi that circulates through the body through the energy channels called meridians.

Tuina techniques affect muscles and joints. On a deeper level, it also unblocks the channels and has a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

Tuina Massage

rituales alqvimia

Cleopatra has undoubtedly been one of the most fascinating women in history. She was able to seduce a king and two emperors. She devoted hours to her beauty care: massages with sacred oils of incense and myrrh that rejuvenated the skin and gave serenity to the spirit.

Wraps of Dead Sea salts and fragrant exotic essences; baths with waters enriched with precious stones and natural perfumes were part of her beauty treatment.

Alqvimia creates a beauty and health ritual to make you feel like a queen or a king. You will be immersed in a pleasurable experience that will help you stay young and attractive thanks to the anti-ageing effect of frankincense and myrrh essential oils.

Objectives: nourish, moisturise, relax and rejuvenate.

Alqvimia Queen of Egypt Beauty Treatment

masaje piedras calientes madrid

Stone Massage is a massage complemented with the use of stones of different temperatures (cold, hot and room temperature).

By placing them on the chakras which open the energy channels while the masseur applies a massage working the muscles of our body. The effect of the stones on our body is stimulating and relaxing.

Its benefits are:

– Induces relaxation and reduces stress.
– It is useful in the treatment of contractures.
– It frees and promotes the flow of our energy through the chakras.

Hot Stones Massage

masaje con aceites esenciales

We prepare a blend of carrier oil with essential oils depending on your needs and preferences. Enjoy not only the benefits of a good massage, but also add an additional treatment.

Among the oils we use, you can choose between rosehip, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, patchouli, peppermint, orange, lemon, etc.

You can use these oils to relax, stimulate, treat contractures and emotional blockages. Ask for your essential oil supply when booking your massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

chi nei tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional Chinese technique that combines therapeutic massage with energetic treatment, healing body, mind and emotions.

It is a type of massage that is based on Taoist philosophy, which believes that the abdomen is the centre of the body, and that releasing the tensions accumulated there helps feel good physically and mentally.

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage


At the centre of Barrio del Pilar we offer personalised treatments in the field of physiotherapy and osteopathy (traumatology, rheumatology, neurology, respiratory, etc.) as well as specific sports physiotherapy and alternative therapies.

We provide the patient with a global vision of their pathology, applying different therapy alternatives to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness in its resolution.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy



Traditional Ayurvedic Facial Massage similar to the Japanese Kobido massage. It is a massage that not only nourishes the skin and relaxes the muscles of the face and the whole body but also slows down the ageing process.

Through the manoeuvres and oils used, it promotes sensory stimulation, helps improve circulation, tones and revitalises the skin, giving it a brighter, healthier and younger appearance. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles, softens them and gives firmness to the skin.

This massage, like all Ayurveda massages, goes beyond the face. Through the reflex points of the face that connect with the organs or areas of the body, it also works on an emotional level. That is why it is highly recommended to help reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

Removes facial toxins helping to eliminate them and leaving skin with a special glow.



The Udvartana massage is similar to the Ayurveda Ritual performed in Templo Del Masaje. It is especially indicated for cellulite

The Ayurveda Udvartana massage is a millenary treatment of Hindu origin, in which a dry powder of medicinal plants and spices are rubbed energetically in the whole body or in the chosen affected zone.

The special powder, which is precooked and used in this treatment, has a depurative, reducing, draining and exfoliating effect.

It is recommended to perform this massage in the spring to perform a general purification of the body, for Kapha dosha imbalances like excessive weight or retention, and in the Vata dosha to improve different ailments.

Its results are excellent, if accompanied by an appropriate daily routine, achieving very satisfactory results.

A 40 or 60 minute treatment is ideal.



The Shiro Abyangha massage is an Indian head massage. Numerous nerve endings, stress accumulation, muscle blocks, among others, occur in the upper body, head and neck. The word shiro means head in India, and in the Ayurveda tradition there are several massages for the upper body that begin with this word.

Traditionally, Hindu people massage their heads daily. It is even part of a hairdresser or barber shop routine, or part of the daily bath. Starting from a simple Hindu head massage without Ayurvedic oil, there are many other treatments registered for this body area. The head contains strategic areas of the body such as the visual organ, the beginning of the digestive system and part of the respiratory system, the ear, the scalp, the brain inside, and a long etcetera in a space that is not so extensive.

This massage is recommended for neurological diseases, acne and alopecia. It is performed in a seated position and is recommended for 30 to 40 minutes.



The Abyangha massage is the most famous of the Ayurveda massages. It is a massage that works on the whole body except the head and its function is to relax and drain the vital points.

This massage is a technique used for health preservation that consists in spreading oil on the skin, applying a massage that combines a series of manual movements, rhythms, intensities and postures, to mobilise and to stimulate the elimination of toxins through our biological systems. It is also used to release muscular tension and to liberate tendons and nerves from the fatigue we accumulate in our daily lives.

It is one of the most complete massages as it relaxes the body and rejuvenates and invigorates bones, muscles and skin. It also stimulates circulation, drainage and the immune system and detoxifies the body. It also improves mental clarity, self-esteem and concentration and relieves pain and energy blockages.

Consistency is important in this massage, as it is more effective in repeated 40 or 60 minute sessions. A previous diagnosis of the Ayurvedic biotype is carried out, which will give the most appropriate intensity and frequency of this massage according to the dosha of the person.

You can make the your dosha questionnaire here.