Agne SerAgne Ser

A wonderful experience, one of the best massages I ever got. I had a special massage for releasing tension and it was done super professionally. The ambiance pf the place is great as well, very relaxing. Highly recommended.

Cris TinaCris Tina

I often go for discharge massages. The atmosphere that the place has helps a lot to relax and the professionals are very good.
They have vouchers without expiration and a very wide schedule.

Miguel MouroMiguel Mouro

Highly recommended!! Both for the facilities and for the attention. Especially grateful to Rocio, because she always finds the contractures and goes directly to solve them. Highlight the schedule from Monday to Sunday that makes it easy to find a time to go.

maria victoria hernandezmaria victoria hernandez

The premises are always clean and well cared for so that the customer has a satisfactory experience, which is what is sought. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, the service is impeccable and all the people who work there are very professional both in their work and in customer service.

masaje tailandes madrid

Marina Corpa
Wellness manager

masaje tailandes madrid

Maribel Corpa
technical manager

masaje tailandes madrid

Cristina Ortiz
A. Soria Manager

masaje tailandes madrid

Sandra Guiñales
Princesa Manager

masaje tailandes madrid

Marta Pérez
Goya manager

Ruth Templo del Masaje Pozuelo

Ruth Aguado
Pozuelo manager

Sonia Templo del Masaje Pozuelo

Sonia Baldominos
Pozuelo manager

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