Frequently asked questions

You can present yourself with or without an appointment. We recommend making an appointment because our centres are often full and it is likely that if you come without an appointment, we will not be able to serve you.

You can book through any of our contact methods: by phone, by whatsapp, by email, by chat on our websites or in person at the centres.

You can also book through the customer area.

Booking the day before is usually enough, but if you want to be sure, the further in advance you let us know, the more likely you are to have your reservation on the day and time you want.

Please note that if you cancel with less than 3 hours notice (or don’t come and don’t let us know), we will charge you for the booked service in full from your Temple Card or in cash on your next visit.

This is valid for appointments up to 90 minutes in duration. For longer appointments, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

When we book an appointment for you, we stop attending other clients and we cannot recover that time. The worker who was waiting for you, has to stop working the time you had booked for you, being an irretrievable economic damage for our staff and for the company.
Thanks for your understanding.

Temple Cards are bonuses that allow you to save money on services. Each of our services have a price, both in euros and Temples. If you enjoyed the service and want to come back then all you need to do is calculate the Temples you will need and acquire a Temple Card. There are Cards available which go from 20 up to 100 Temples.

You can save up to 20% by paying with your Temple Cards. The discount comes with the Card itself. Cards have no expiration, can be shared with whoever you want and can also be used as a gift for someone, not to mention they are valid on all of our Templo del Masaje centres.

Absolutely yes.

Not only can they be used at any of our centres, but if you forget to bring it with you one day, just tell us your name so we can check your card number and you can use it.

However, you will have to sign an annotation with your permission to use the card even if you don’t have it physically.

Our Temple Cards have no expiry date.

From time to time we offer greater discounts than usual (Temple Cards). Stay tuned to our social media or if you want we can send you an SMS every time we get an offer. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you all offers by email. These can only be purchased for a limited time, but once purchased, they do not expire.

Of course you can pay with a credit card in our centres or in our online shop. As long as it is not American Express. We don’t accept them.

Of course you can. We have relaxing rituals that are the most common gift, but really any of our services is a unique experience to give as a gift. And if you’re not sure what he or she likes best, give him a Temple Card and you will surely get it right.

In any of our centres, through Whatsapp or through the chat on our website you can get information about rituals for gifts.

You can buy gifts online and you get a PDF with a code without prices or you can go to any of our centres to wrap a gift card.

You won’t believe it, but your gift has no expiry date. Find a special day when you don’t have any obligations afterwards, and come and live your experience at Templo del Masaje.

If you have purchased a service from the online shop or have been given one as a gift, you can make an appointment directly from the customer area.

To redeem it, you must first be registered as a customer and then follow the steps you will find on this page. HELP PAGE.

Please have your mobile phone and email access ready to register in the customer area. You will also need to have the long barcode code (for example: 5bd9a76992608) from the purchase confirmation email to validate your purchase.

Look for a special day where you are free and come to live your experience in Templo Del Masaje. We do not currently work with any experience boxes. Maybe we will appear in some of them, because years ago we worked with them and they still haven’t released new updated books. We regret, in this case, the inconvenience that may be caused, but we refer you to the direct supplier of the box for any questions or more information.

Our centres are open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can call us, send us a whatsapp or email, use the live chat on our website or go to any of our centres to make an appointment within that time.

You can also book online at any time from the CUSTOMER AREA.