What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage like?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle and superficial massage as it is aimed at moving the fluid in the dermis with pumping and dragging manoeuvres. The lymph nodes located in the neck, solar plexus, groin, legs and feet are also stimulated.

The difference between manual lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy is that manual drainage is better adapted to the physiognomy of the person, while pressotherapy is a machine that complements manual lymphatic drainage. 

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Improves circulation.
  • Preventing scar adhesions from forming.
  • Eliminates toxins.
  • Reduces the risk of inflammation after surgery.
  • Reduces swelling in swollen legs.

When Manual Lymphatic Drainage should be performed

  • During and after pregnancy.
  • Before and after rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift and any facial criss-crossing.
  • Before and after breast surgery or any type of body surgery.
  • During remodelling treatments or when signs of cellulite appear.

If you still have any doubts or want to know more about the post-operative drains, you can read about it here.