What are access bars and what do they serve?

Access bars are a manual application technique that touches 32 points on the head , without pressure or massage, allowing stress to be released, from a state of wakefulness to deep relaxation.

It involves pressing 32 points on the head to allow energy flows throughout the body. The bars would be something like the highways through which this energy travels, which are often blocked with thoughts or emotions that prevent their good displacement. By putting pressure on those 32 points, the energy balances and begins to flow correctly, creating a deep sense of wellness. When activating there are 32 energy bars that contain information on certain areas (money, control, sadness, aging…) and the points of view that we have been creating, we are formatting our brain as if it were a hard drive, eliminating information that blocks us and prevents progress.

The session lasts 60 minutes, which is the time it takes to press all 32 points access and is received lying on a stretcher. Little by little it goes feeling more relaxed until you can fall asleep. In general, it recommends about 8 sessions to unlock, but the effects are felt from the first session.

There is no contraindication, children, the elderly, and pregnant.

Sessions for children last 20-30 minutes.

Access bars are recommended for:

Improving mood if you feel tired, stressed, in a bad mood, having insomnia, or are going through a change in your life, if you want to feel more mental clarity and feel aware and present in all areas of your life.

You will feel a sensation of rest and inner peace.


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