How effective is an anti-cellulite massage?

As in all other areas of life, there are no miracles and results require effort and perseverance. This means that if we want to eliminate cellulite, we must treat its symptoms and work on the causes.

The more frequent the stimulation of the affected area by means of massage or any treatment that causes an increase in blood flow and drainage is, the sooner we are going to eliminate that orange-peel skin. Anti-cellulite creams will be a very important factor as they will accelerate both hyperemia and drainage and the results will be seen much sooner. We, Templo del Masaje, recommend the Activ-Plus Cellulite Cream by Skin Clinic as well as the C12 y C13 by Lamdors. Often these massage techniques are combined with the application of one of these anti-cellulite creams, as the massage will help their absorption and distribution, thus obtaining better results.

If we combine all this with a little exercise, especially aerobic exercise and a low-salt and low-fat diet, we will help to slow down the development of cellulite.

It is important to note that sometimes cellulite is more visible. This is due to the fact that as the area deflates, the nodules become more marked. This is why cellulite should not be confused with being overweight, since there can be very thin people with cellulite and people with excess weight with hardly any cellulite.

Complementary treatments to the anti-cellulite massage

  • Electronic mesotherapy: We start with a personalised diagnosis to evaluate the client’s expectations and recommend the treatment that best suits their needs. These treatments are cycles of sessions where electronic mesotherapy is combined with electro-stimulation and vacuum therapy. In addition, highly concentrated active ingredients are used to help intensify the desired cellular action. It is the fastest option to get rid of cellulite and improve the skin.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Manual lymphatic drainage is a very gentle massage that consists of mobilising the fluid and circulation retained for various reasons such as retention, varicose veins and heavy legs, post-operative, post-liposuction, pregnancy, etc…
  • Acupuncture: These are acupuncture sessions which, after a personalised diagnosis, will accelerate the detoxification of the affected area, stimulate the regeneration of collagen and balance the whole organism.

Phases of Cellulite

The vast majority of women (over 80%) suffer from cellulite, although not all women suffer from it to the same extent. We can therefore say that cellulite goes through four different phases:

Stage 1. If you are in this stage of cellulite you will feel heaviness in your legs. The area where the cellulite is found is thicker, loses elasticity and is colder. In this stage, you begin to see what is known as “orange-peel skin”. During this stage, the process is reversible and is the most common stage among women.

Stage 2. If your cellulite is in this stage you will notice, in addition to the symptoms of the first stage, how you begin to feel pain when you touch the area with cellulite. Orange-peel skin, stretch marks and varicose veins appear. The trend towards obesity also begins. This stage is still reversible. At this stage you must be careful and realise that cellulite can become a serious problem. It’s time to take it seriously and diet and exercise. If cellulite is not eliminated in this way, you should seek other treatments such as mesotherapy or electronic (needle-free) mesotherapy.

Stage 3. Fibrous Proliferation causes the appearance of orange-peel skin spontaneously. The skin feels cold, dry and dimpled. There are both superficial and deep varicose veins. It’s painful and completely localised. It is associated with stretch marks and flaccidity. It is unlikely to be reversible in premenopausal periods unless exhaustive treatments are performed.

Stage 4. You should try to make sure that your cellulite never reaches this stage as it can be seen with the naked eye without pressing on the skin. The so-called “mattress phenomenon” is visible and painful. This phase is not reversible but if you have already reached it, you should know that you can improve it with treatments in affected areas such as, for example, ultrasonic liposculpture combined with electronic (needle-free) mesotherapy.

When you notice that you have cellulite you should try not to let it move to the next stage and if it is in the first or second stage(reversible in a simple way), do everything possible to eliminate it.

Masaje Anticelulitico y ReafirmanteMassage of the affected area is another option to reduce cellulite. They can help to improve circulation, tone muscles, promote relaxation of the body, make the skin look better and eliminate accumulated fat. However, as with anti-cellulite diets, it is unlikely that massages alone will eradicate cellulite, although they can be useful in preventing its appearance. It would be advisable to combine massages with other treatments, especially from stage 2 onwards.

Additionally we must say that besides partially eliminating cellulite, the anti-cellulite massage has other beneficial effects on the patient: it favours the reabsorption and drainage of fluids retained in the connective tissue, eliminating all the waste products resulting from cell metabolism, thus reducing the tendency to fibrosis; it also favours relaxation as it has an analgesic effect in cases of painful cellulite.

It is advisable to massage the whole body daily, especially legs and buttocks, with sponges or brushes specially designed for this purpose or manually by kneading and rolling. If possible, the massages should be done while taking a shower with cold water, as this will also help to reduce cellulite (excessively hot water, on the other hand, helps to reduce its appearance). Always follow the direction of blood circulation, which means that leg massages should be applied from bottom to top.

Although anti-cellulite massage does not present any type of contraindication due to the fact that it is a natural technique, it is important that it is not practised in cases where the patient shows signs of being feverish or when the skin suffers from any condition such as eczema or burns, and in the case of circulatory diseases such as thrombosis, phlebitis or arteriosclerosis, the best thing will be to stop or suspend anti-cellulite massage treatment. As for pregnant women, we must say that the massage can be carried out but with extreme caution.

Do not hesitate to ask for a Free Diagnostics to find out what stage you are at and what kind of treatment would be best for you to improve your health and appearance.