It is a massage for preventive, curative and relaxing purposes. Through the morphology of the foot we will be able to know which organs are unbalanced and work to correct it, even before symptoms manifest. Psychological aspects of the person can also be discovered and treated.

There are variants of Foot Reflexology, ranging from Chinese Foot Reflexology (which comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine) to Thai Foot Reflexology. In both cases we work not only structurally but also energetically on the person through the foot.

Foot Reflexology is a complete massage that is performed on the whole foot. The masseur works on the plant, upper part, fingers and climbs up the leg to the knee in relaxing rounds.

How Foot Reflexology works

Foot Reflexology uses reflex impulses that occur during foot massage to send information to the area to which that point on the foot is connected. These stimuli are conducted through nerve and energy channels and reach all parts of the body.

Podal Reflexology is a pleasant massage although there can be painful points, especially in those areas related to some imbalance. It is important to discuss with the masseur if there is any particularly uncomfortable place to adapt the intensity of the massage.

In any case, after a foot reflexology session, you will generally experience great comfort not only on hands and feet, but generally in your whole body. Sometimes there may be some discomfort remaining from some imbalanced areas that were fixed, but this discomfort will disappear in one or two days.

The ideal frequency to start with a Foot Reflexology treatment is a weekly session in cases of prevention.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

When Foot Reflexology Massage is received regularly, a general improvement of the nervous system is noticed, for example in cases of headaches, migraines or insomnia.

Reflexology also helps in a sometimes spectacular way with constipation, lack of appetite, allergies, vertigo, eye problems and pain (rheumatic, lumbago, contractures…).

It also has a swift effect on stress, anxiety and depression.