The Pregnancy Massage is a massage aimed at relieving physical and psychological discomfort from the third month of pregnancy onwards. There are two variants of this massage so that the pregnant woman is in a comfortable position in which the baby is not harmed. It can be carried out on a stretcher on the back or on the side or in an ergonomic chair.

Also, Shiatsu massage for pregnant women is also a frequent choice for its comfort and results.

Types of massages – Can be combined according to your needs or preferences

Deep tissue massage, especially for back and neck pain. It should be noted that during pregnancy a woman’s shoulders develop and this often causes a feeling of heaviness, so it is important to massage the shoulders and neck to relieve tension.

Circulatory massage or Manual Lymphatic Drainage, when the legs feel swollen and tired. In these cases, the feet and legs will be worked on to relieve the additional load they have to bear, as well as to eliminate the retention of fluids that frequently appear in these areas.

Relaxing Massage, to improve sleep and provide mental and physical relief.

Shiatsu massage, to unblock joints, relieve muscle tension and general relaxation. It is the favourite massage for pregnant women.

Metamorphic technique, with this massage we have the opportunity to return to that moment to release old patterns that are still present, conditioning our lives (physical pain, emotional, repetitive behaviors, etc.).

Physiotherapy for pregnant women

Pregnant women usually want to strengthen their muscles before delivery to make the birth easier: abdominals, diaphragm, perineal muscles. This is worked through exercises.

There are women who suffer from back pain during pregnancy and prefer to have a baby’s back during the first months of pregnancy. physiotherapist who will take care of them. This service is also available in this case.

Once the pregnant woman has given birth, if by caesarean section, it would be highly recommended to work on the scar.

In our centre in Avda. de Betanzos we have all the following services available these services.

Por lo general, las mujeres embarazadas van para querer fortalecer la musculatura antes del parto para que éste sea más sencillo: abdominales, diafragma, musculatura del periné. Esto se trabaja mediante ejercicios.

Benefits for you

  • Improves circulation.
  • Relieves muscular pain (back, lumbar and leg pain).
  • Prevents swelling and cramps.
  • Reduces the severity of nausea.
  • Helps digestion and sleep better.
  • Combat stress and anxiety.
  • Prepares you for the return to routine after childbirth, increasing flexibility and improving muscle tone.

Benefits for your baby

  • By improving circulation, more nutrients will flow through the blood.
  • A relaxed mother will prevent stress from having a negative impact on her child’s development.
  • Studies have shown that mothers who have received massage during pregnancy have calmer babies, suffer less colic and sleep better, and gain weight more quickly.

Pregnancy Massage, also known as prenatal massage, is a therapy especially aimed at the needs of the expectant mother. Sometimes, during pregnancy, a woman may experience discomfort due to the changes her body is undergoing. The woman’s body increases in volume, gains weight and undergoes hormonal changes that result in discomfort and pain in the back, shoulders and neck (musculoskeletal) and in the feet and legs (circulatory). In addition, all these changes often go hand in hand with fatigue due to the additional load.

masaje para embarazadasMassages during pregnancy will alleviate these discomforts using different techniques on the body, improving the general state of the mother-to-be and, as a consequence, that of the child.

The technique used in this massage is aimed firstly at making the mother and baby comfortable and safe. To this end, her body will be well supported during the massage with pillows, cushions and blankets if needed. This massage is usually done on the side or on the back, especially in the months when the belly is already bulky.

There is also the possibility of doing this massage in adapted massage chairs, although a stretcher or futon is more comfortable and preferred by women in the case of shiatsu massage.

In the case of oil massage, vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil are used. Essential oils are not normally applied to pregnant women as a precaution, as some can have a negative effect on the baby.

Some contraindications to bear in mind with this massage.

If it is a high-risk pregnancy or you are in the first three months of pregnancy, consult your doctor and let the masseuse know of your current state.

There are also certain points that can stimulate preterm labor due to pelvic muscles reflexes.

Avoid at all costs if you suffer from any disease in which massage is contraindicated or your doctor has advised you to avoid massage during these months.

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